Until tomorrow - short film

We have time to reflect, to breath,
To figure out what we believe,
To contemplate dull routines
And vacuous material dreams,
To seriously prioritise
What’s important in our lives.
When confined to private places,
We long for those open spaces,
The purity of air unsoiled,
Rugged landscape yet unspoiled,
The glory of an ancient Earth,
A sense of belonging and what that’s worth.
After lockdown will we return
To taking what we have not earned
Or will we live sustainable lives
In the hope our children will survive,
Ditching the economics of greed
To justly share just what we need?

All exteriors filmed March 2019. Interiors filmed during lockdown in April 2020.

A Film by Alan Stockdale & Lewis Gourlay

Featuring Luis Alfaro Calvo

Music by Dominic White

Poem by Jacqui Rozdoba